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the-boat#Sacramento River Salmon Fishing Guide;  Jeff Goodwin’s Guide Service operates a 2014 24’ Willie Fuzion, open style Jet Boat while fishing the lakes and rivers.  We paid attention to every detail when we had this boat factory built, and left nothing out of its design.  The end result was a safe, comfortable, reliable river fishing boat that provides our clients with a very stable fishing platform. We pay special attention to all the fishing gear and bait we provide our clients.  We are pleased to offer our clients the use of the very best equipment the fishing industry has to offer and have spared no expense in doing so while fishing with our clients.  It is our belief that utilizing only the best equipment available while fishing Northern California waters is essential to our success on the water.


The Fish

Sacramento River King Salmon

#Sacramento River king salmon; We start our Sacramento River fall king salmon season beginning July 16th. We will start fishing king salmon on opening day and will fish them through mid December.  During years with good runs of king salmon, we will sometimes move our king salmon trips to the Klamath River for a few weeks in August/September for our clients who enjoy fishing on that river system.  On the Klamath, we will target ocean fresh king salmon where we believe the quality and quantity of fish is unparalleled. In September and October we will always be fishing the “peak” of the salmon run on the Sacramento River for king salmon in our own “back yard”.  We typically start the king salmon season fishing in the Woodson Bridge area near Corning, Ca. and will fish our way upriver with migrating salmon to the Anderson, Ca. area. November and December brings the Late Fall/Winter run of Sacramento River king salmon.  Although this run of king salmon returns in lower numbers than the fall run, these Sacramento River king salmon are most often the biggest salmon of the year and occasionally tip the scales in the 50+ lb. range. The current state record king salmon caught in 1979 weighed in at 88 lbs and was caught on the Sacramento River in Anderson, Ca! This brings us to the end of the Sacramento River king salmon season, which is typically set for December 16th.


Wild Rainbow Trout/Steelhead

#Sacramento River rainbow trout; The Sacramento River is host to a very large population of resident wild rainbow trout. This is a year round fishery and is good to excellent nearly every month of the year. We will target these supercharged rainbows in a 5 mile section of the Sacramento River that winds through downtown Redding, Ca. Spring, Summer and Fall generally provide the best wild rainbow trout fishing. Our favorite time to book trips for Sacramento River rainbow trout is April-October. These wild rainbow trout range in size from 12” to 25” and are very fun to catch on our ultralight action G.Loomis spin rods. This is a wild rainbow trout “catch and release” fishery, but can provide fast action with 25 to 30+ fish caught per trip on average. In early August, 40-60+ trout caught per trip is the norm. In addition to the native wild rainbow trout, the Sacramento River has both a wild and hatchery run of Steelhead. The Sacramento River steelhead can be found in their largest numbers in the Cottonwood area in October and November. Wild Sacramento River steelhead can however, be found throughout the Sacramento River most months of the year. These steelhead are a lot of fun to catch on our ultralight spin gear.  Anyone looking for a relaxing day on the river while catching numerous wild Sacramento River rainbow trout and steelhead should pay special attention to this guided fishing opportunity.


Kokanee salmon and lake trout

#Kokanee salmon and trout; We are very fortunate to have several local lakes and reservoirs which provide very good Kokanee and trout fishing opportunities for our clients.  This fishery typically begins in the spring, and can last well into early fall.  The Kokanee salmon fishing is exclusive to Whiskeytown Lake and can provide some of the best Kokanee fishing in the state.  This is a troll fishery and fast action fishing typically results in easy limits for all during the peak of the season.  Whiskeytown Kokanee is a self sustaining fishery and all current fish in the lake are wild.  For our trout fishing enthusiasts, we provide guided trips on Keswick Reservoir.  This Shasta Lake Dam tailwater fishery is host to some of the largest rainbow and brown trout in the region and it is not uncommon to catch several trout in the multi pound class during your day of fishing with us.  Five pound trout are not uncommon in this body of water, and fish exceeding the five pound mark are caught every season.  These trout are all wild fish and the numbers are sustained through natural spawning.  This reservoir is not planted with hatchery trout yet regulations allow clients to retain a limit of five trout if they choose to do so.  Both Whiskeytown Lake and Keswick Reservoir have phenomenal fishing opportunities for the whole family, or just a group of friends.  I will often offer these trips over any other during certain times of the year.  Fishing is just that good…



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About Us

Jeff Goodwin’s Guide Service offers year-round, full time,guided sport fishing trips on the Northern California lakes and rivers.  We offer guided fishing trips on the Sacramento River for King Salmon, Wild Rainbow Trout/Steelhead and Striped Bass.  We offer some excellent guided fishing on Shasta and Whiskeytown lakes for bass, Kokanee salmon, and rainbow trout.  We also offer a fall run King Salmon season on the Lower Klamath River when salmon runs are strong and water conditions allow.  We book all of our private party trips during the peak periods of each run to ensure our fishing clients have the best opportunity to experience catching the fish we are pursuing that day.

Jeff Goodwin has been fishing the Pacific Northwest and Northern California rivers for over 25 years.  Fishing has been his passion since childhood and it has grown every year since.  He has had the opportunity to become very familiar with fishing for multiple species of Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Steelhead, Kokanee salmon, and finally, lake and river bass.  In addition to honing his skills as a fisherman, he has thousands of hours of powerboat handling experience on numerous bodies of water.  He is a licensed fishing guide by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and holds a USCG OUPV Captain’s License.  He is bonded, insured and is certified in first aid and CPR.

Jeff Goodwin is committed to providing the most enjoyable fishing experience for his clients possible and will give them a 100% effort, every day.  He possesses a warm friendly personality and is very attentive to the needs of his clients.  He is eager to provide instruction to his inexperienced clients in an effort to help them become better anglers.  For his more experienced clients, Jeff Goodwin focuses on helping to enhance the skills of his clients during their day on the water.  The bottom line is, Jeff Goodwin can accommodate clients at every skill level and will do everything he can to ensure you have a great time on the water.

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Jeff Goodwin's Guide Service - Full Time Professional Guide Services. added 5 new photos. Great day on the Sacramento River catching wild steelhead trout with the Rooster Tails Fishing Club from Auburn, Ca. @FishGLoomis @fishShimano @DickNiteSpoons

Posted 49 minutes ago

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These G.Loomis E6X HSR 9000C rods are absolutely perfect for pulling plugs for large trout/steelhead. With the Shimano Tekota 300LC reels spooled with 30 lb Hi-Vis Super 8 Power Pro Braid, precise plugging is possible. We are hooking salmon with these plugs and they are performing flawlessly under heavy pressure! @FishGLoomis @FishShimano

Posted 19 hours, 36 minutes ago

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Jeff Goodwin's Guide Service - Full Time Professional Guide Services. added 8 new photos. We had a great day on the Sacramento River catching wild steelhead trout. This was day 1 of our 2nd annual Rooster Tails Fishing Club group event. I had an absolute blast fishing with these guys, and look forward to fishing with them again in the future. @FishShimano @FishGLoomis @VisitRedding @DickNiteSpoons

Posted 1 day, 1 hour ago

Michael JohnsonThere must be a good hole in that area by Sundial, I was there with my family a year ago and seen boats fish in the same spot👍🏼21 hours, 22 minutes ago

Jeff Goodwin's Guide Service - Full Time Professional Guide Services. updated their cover photo. Sacramento River King salmon headed for the net!

Posted 1 day, 20 hours ago

Angie WebbGreat Pic!!!1 day, 20 hours ago

Craig McBrideGreat pic and great fish1 day, 20 hours ago

Anthony CoxAwesome Photo!!1 day, 20 hours ago

Chris Edwards from Yuba City, Ca. doing battle with a Sacramento River King salmon!

Posted 1 day, 21 hours ago

Kenny PriestNice job Jeff!21 hours, 14 minutes ago

Jeff Goodwin's Guide Service - Full Time Professional Guide Services. with Fish Shimano and Fish G.Loomis. Harold and Chris hold their double hook up for a pic today on the Sacramento River! Ironically, both of these Kings weighed in at 22 pounds each! These Kings were caught while side drifting roe with our G.Loomis E6X 1145S spin rods and Shimano Sahara 4000FE spin reels,,, @FishGLoomis @FishShimano @VisitRedding

Posted 2 days ago

Donald TrezekVery nice1 day, 23 hours ago

Jeff Goodwin's Guide Service - Full Time Professional Guide Services. added 2 new photos. Action shot of our G.Loomis E6X 1145S boondoggling rods! Pair these rods with a Shimano Sahara 4000FE reels spooled with PLine CX premium hi-vis line, and you have a fish catching combo thats unbeatable! @FishGLoomis @FishShimano

Posted 3 days, 23 hours ago

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The bite improved a bit for us on the Sacramento River today! Jeff and Debbie finished 2/5 with some quality King salmon in the box! Jeff Mayfield holds our largest salmon of the day which weighted in at 20 lbs... @FishGLoomis @FishShimano @VisitRedding

Posted 4 days ago

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Jeff Goodwin's Guide Service - Full Time Professional Guide Services. with Chris Roemer. We're working very hard on the Sacramento River near Cottonwood to put salmon in the boat right now. Hope we see another push of fish very soon! Tomorrow is a new day!! @FishGLoomis @FishShimano @VisitRedding.

Posted 5 days ago

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Added to my list of fish species that Dick Nite Spoons will catch while trolling NorCal lakes is a Whiskeytown Lake Crappie! @DickNiteSpoons

Posted 6 days, 4 hours ago

Jeff Goodwin's Guide Service - Full Time Professional Guide Services.About 45' Craig6 days, 3 hours ago

Kenny StangenbergThats cool. One of my friends caught one on a hoochie a couple weeks ago out there too5 days, 15 hours ago

Craig McBrideCrappie!!!! How deep was it, sounds like I might be heading that way this spring for some Crappie slabs.6 days, 4 hours ago

Monty CurrierCool!5 days, 18 hours ago

Bobbi Loraywow....bait!!!5 days, 12 hours ago

Angie WebbYUM!!!! Love me some Crappie!!!5 days, 21 hours ago

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